Thursday, February 4, 2010

England to be best supported in South Africa and potential new phase for ticket sales to be introduced

Rumour and speculation is trickling through that ticket sales for the World Cup in June are not going as hoped and that England supporters might get an increased allocation. Surely, if this is true, it just strengthens the England Bid for 2018?

The news comes after several countries announced that they have only sold a fraction of their tickets for the event starting in just over four months.

FIFA is due to announce today the results of the third phase of ticket sales tomorrow and the talk is that they will add an additional phase to allow national associations more time to sell their tickets.

England look set to be one of the best supported nations in South Africa as the Football Association announced recently that members of Englandfans, the official supporters' club, had bought 23,000 of the official allocation of 29,000 available with half of the unsold tickets an allocation to the third-fourth place play-off match, traditionally a match that doesn't sell very quickly.

But it isn't just England that are selling well, the United States also look like they will be one of the best supported teams at the World Cup and it is expected there will be large numbers travelling from the US.

If FIFA do add an additional phase to the ticket sales, there is every chance that the allocation for England fans will also increase for matches where they are over subscribed which means more tickets for supporters travelling to South Africa.

It is worth noting that the figures above are from the English FA and that tickets sold via the FIFA website are not added. So, while England fans have purchased 23,000 tickets of 29,000 available through the FA - there is every chance that they have sold another 23,000 through the FIFA website.

One thing you can be sure of and that is the World Cup will be a sell out, but don't think that means you can relax and take it easy. Phase four stars on February 9th - you have to get your tickets ordered or you might not get one.

Source: World Cup


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