Friday, January 22, 2010

World Cup Tickets For Sale With Fair

Johannesburg - Various issues related to the purchase of tickets to the 2010 World Cup came to the surface. But, the local organizing committee (LOC) confirmed tickets will be sold in a equitable and fair.

Interestingly, these conditions actually experienced by the host football lovers. "We heard the concern in South Africa and we're studying it," said spokesman Rich Mkhondo LOC Editing by crate launched on Tuesday (19/1/2010).

"We will distribute tickets evenly. Currently, tickets can be purchased by completing the registration form at the First National Bank, or fans can submit an online purchase," said Mkhondo.

Policies buy tickets online did not solve the problem for supporters of the host. Some analysts football show, not all host football fans are familiar with the Internet and other technologies used to apply for tickets.

Mkhondo explained, there are others that oposi committee will open the ticket counter and purchased collectively. These efforts will facilitate the host fans really blind to technology.

However, the LOC and FIFA will discuss further steps to simplify the sale of tickets at a meeting in Zurich next week Tuesday.

"In Zurich, they will examine the mobile ticket sales for the rural areas. Or maybe they will see the other steps," he explained.

LOC deliberately imposed purchase tickets by filling out a form or via the Internet so that equitable ticket distribution. "Our aim is to ensure there is equity," said Mkhondo.

Based on the release issued by the committee, approximately half of the three million tickets have been sold.


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